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Paul Ryan: Myopically Maligned. Here’s Why You’re Wrong About the Omnibus!

8 Jan

Source: Paul Ryan: Myopically Maligned. Here’s Why You’re Wrong About the Omnibus!


“I Just Want My PEACE” (EA…IE) | The Official Website of Deion Sanders

22 May

“I Just Want My PEACE” (EA…IE) | The Official Website of Deion Sanders.

This is a different “Press” from me but I thought Deion Sanders thoughtful words were worth sharing. I hope you will enjoy them and give him some love for sharing!!

Love is…sometimes saying no.

3 Apr

One of the hardest things about being a good parent is saying NO. We want to be a friend and to be loved, but what our children really need is for us to be the patient disciplinarian. Strong boundaries help to make a child feel secure.

Creativity is best served by telling your child to entertain themselves, to go outside and play, or to figure it out on their own. Let them get dirty, let them build and explore, but then make them clean up when they are done.

Love your child, by having high expectations. Failure is part of learning, let them fail and then help them learn to succeed and persevere. Help them be the best they can be, but not somebody else’s best.

Tell them about God’s love. Sometimes, God says no. Often, God makes us figure it out on our own. Always, God wants us to be the best we can be. And, even when we fail, God’s love never does.

Matt Ridley on Schizophrenia, MS, Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites | Mind & Matter –

11 Mar

Matt Ridley on Schizophrenia, MS, Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites | Mind & Matter –

This is an important look at the surprising causes of various illnesses.

A child needs a father

27 Feb

In our headlong rush to provide opportunities to girls–something I am in favor of doing. We have forgotten how important men are in children’s lives. The statistics are frightening. Having a father present, makes it less likely that boys will drop out of school or end up in jail, but it also makes it less likely that girls will engage in dangerous activities and early sexual relations. An intact family is much less likely to be or stay in poverty. So, I made up a quote and an early father’s day card. I think it would also be appropriate to say—Like a child needs The Father!

A child needs a father like a fish needs water.

“A child needs a father—

like a fish needs water.”

Amy Wombwell

Bikini Body Ready Just in time for Spring break

25 Feb

Here is an article I wrote for I have read so many diet books over the past decade, and wanted to share the good advice in a short simple way. I have also been able to keep the creeping pounds at bay using these methods. I have published a bunch of dessert recipes lately, but obviously, I can’t eat a bunch of sweets and stay thin. I find cooking and nibbling works well. For some reason, when I cook I don’t need to eat as much, go figure! I will be adding some delicious recipes ideas that follow the rules for losing weight, particularly belly fat. I would love any links to High protein, low carbohydrate recipes You have!

Thanks and Good eating to you!

Just click on the link below!

Bikini body ready for spring break

Awesome Valentine Art to Make and Share

6 Feb

Love sees more

You can make this personalized word art as a gift for Valentine’s Day. will take your words, in a shape you choose, in colors you pick and even in a fonts you choose.

Here is how:

1. Go to

2. Go to the create page, the tab is on the top right

3. At the top of the left hand side pick “Load”

4. In the lower half of the box, type in any words you want, like, love, joy, spouse, Friend, partner… Any words you want to stay together type as one word, ValentinesDay, HappyBirthday,

5. Hit submit. See the note at #7–Also, any time you get the theme, font, or orientation just right, click the lock button by that attribute to save it.

6. Then most of the way down the box on the left click “shape” a bunch of options will pop up. Pick any which  strikes your fancy!

7. Tagxedo will fill it with your words. Don’t worry if they’re not all there right now, and there are no number. We will get to that later.

8. Click Theme, a selection of color pallets will pop up, try a bunch until you find the right one. Also, clicking on the same button will change which color is most dominant. You can also do this by clicking color on the left side menu.

9. Just above the Twitter and Facebook options, click : “Word/Layout options…” First click the Word tab.

10. This is where you tell it to recognize numbers, or punctuation. Play with these options choosing yes and no and see how it changes your word art.

11. Next go to the Layout tab. Emphasis is how many big words you have, and how big they are, the higher the number the bigger the words. Maximum word count is the total number of words in your shape. The higher the count the more words, try it with lots and only a few. Tightness is how closely packed your words are. Play with the other options until you’re happy.

12. Now go up to Font, near the top on the right hand side. See if changing the font makes it even better. If you like it, lock it!

13. Next try the various orientations, when you are happy, Lock it!

14. You should be about ready to save your art to your pictures on your computer. At the top, click–save, share, print. Save it as you would a picture, you can even pick the size–more pixels, bigger picture! Then print it off, Or better yet order your art to be made as a T-shirt, or Tote etc. There are some advanced options such as loading pictures which I haven’t tried yet. But I can’t wait!

By the way, I made all these images in about a couple of  hours with no directions, it is that easy! This site is so much fun, think what great gift you could make for friends or grandparents. The prices seem fair to me for the products, and while I’d love for them to sponsor me; they don’t even know I exist!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, I have some recipes to share, but I was having so much fun with this that I won’t get them up until tomorrow!


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