Technology Background… or Lack Thereof

22 Feb

Unbeknownst to my mother, I am writing her first post. I plan to give a little background on my mother and her “hopes” and “dreams” for this blog…

Well, where do we begin? First, my mom literally is clueless and helpless about most things on the internet; once she learns something though, she’s hooked. For example, in my mother’s free time, she likes to make jewelry, lots and lots of jewelry, and she finally decided she should try to make a profit from it. I was excited about the prospect of selling things I had made and making a little spending money, and quickly and thoughtfully offered to help my mom with the worldwide web. I set up an Etsy shop for her and took all the pictures of the jewelry. Not only did I “waste” hours of my summer, we have yet to make a single penny. In fact, we have lost money because you have to pay to put items on Etsy… (I’m sure you would all love to help us get that first sale so please check out our shop: I’m begging you, please look at it). Next, I made a Facebook page for Billy Goat Baubles, our wonderfully unsuccessful shop. Now, I planned on having my mother take over the simple responsibilities of her new investment, but that did not happen. However, she was hooked on the new idea; unfortunately for me, that meant more “wasted” precious hours of summer. Of course, being the brilliant (and clearly favorite) daughter that I am, I tried to find Facebook followers and keep our shop up to date. Easier said than done…

Then, I signed my mother up for Facebook in hopes that she would learn how our Facebook page works. Well, that’s not quite what happened… Instead of being helpful, my mom became a Facebook fiend, and not with the Billy Goat Baubles page; I would’ve welcomed that. I’m not going to lie, I was certainly a little obsessed with Facebook when I first got one…four years ago! But this woman I call my mother spent more time “stalking” people on Facebook than she did talking to her family. It was beyond ridiculous, luckily she’s cooled off a bit and is finally less consumed by the wonders of the Facebook world.

Just as I thought I was done introducing my mom to all the “new” things on the internet, my aunt, my mom’s younger sister, invited her to Pinterest… I did not think it was possible for her to become more engrossed with a website than Facebook, but she has certainly proven me wrong. She has started “pinning” left and right and trying soooo many new things. Now this is not all bad. I have gotten to enjoy New York Times’ best cookies, pretzel bread, and some kind of cinnamon bread; oh, and I plan to enjoy many more new dishes as well. After cooking and baking for a few days, my mom decided to try some new arts and crafts she “pinned.” Now I don’t mind being dragged into some of these projects but it is these exact projects that have led to this blog…

My mother has decided that she needs to share with the world the things she cooks, the things she bakes, and the things she makes. She has decided she needs to blog. Her first question was of course, “how do I make a blog on, on the internet?” and my first answer was of course, “there’s this thing called Google, Mom.” Fortunately for my mother, I set up this blog for her even though she could have gone to Google, just as I did, and figured it out for herself. Now why did I do this? I would like to say it’s because I am loving and caring and always willing to help, but it’s not. I offered to help my mom because I already knew I would get dragged into her new technological discovery no matter how hard I tried to stay away, and I may as well learn how to blog so when she asks me a gagillion questions, I can answer them. Plus, she was leaving to tutor someone, giving me the perfect opportunity to write her first blog and give you my mother’s real technology background… or lack thereof.

You can expect to hear from me again sometime in the future, but next time you have a question, leave your busy children alone, and remember, “there’s this thing called Google, Mom.”



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