Feed your RSS Habit

10 Jan

I’m one of those poor souls who has seen all these buttons and read all these abbreviations on the internet and had no clue what they meant. Technology might be passing me by, but I will grab it by the tail and hold on!

RSS is one of those technology things, but now I not only know what RSS is–I love it. On your favorites bar your can save web pages and sites you visit often, like email or work or your child’s school’s homepage. On most websites there is an orange button with little sound waves moving up and to the right on it, or a button with RSS  push it and new content will go in to the second tab in favorite–Feeds. If you have a favorite opinion or sports or news or craft writer, they likely have a feed. Any new article–plus most of their old ones–will show up. You don’t have to hunt them down or search for them. Just go to your Feeds, click on the name you wish to see and there it is. Unlike emails, which can pile up or be lost. Your feeds wait patiently for you to find them. You can follow this blog, or any other, simply by pushing the feed button, for this page there is a follow button at the very top. A page will pop up summarizing what is on the page, warning you it might be updated often, and it asks you if you still want to subscribe. Since this doesn’t inundate your inbox with emails on subjects you have no interest in, just say yes.

Quick recap, RSS is just another way to save your favorites. These favorites will end up in your feed tab, not your favorite list. It won’t fill up your email inbox. Don’t worry, be happy–technology is your friend, it will make life easier.


2 Responses to “Feed your RSS Habit”

  1. vixytwix January 11, 2012 at 6:55 am #

    I love this post for two reasons. First, I had no idea what RSS meant and now I do too thanks to you 🙂
    Second, your last line rings so true for this Mum who has had to overcome her techno-phobia to study online.

    • amywombwell January 11, 2012 at 7:58 am #

      Thanks for the feedback. I have enjoyed reading about the humorous goings on at your house. Good luck with the studying and your blog.

      Mums are the best!

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