“Helpful” Hints and Tips for Technology Impaired Moms:

6 Jan
  • “There’s this thing called Google, mom!”
  • Commenting on your own blog, before anyone else, would be like “liking” your own status on Facebook, mom.
  • Don’t try to explain technology to others when you barely understand it yourself, mom.
  • If you fear what I will write on YOUR blog, maybe you shouldn’t have asked me to set it up and given me the password, mom
  • Just because the Internet page offers a million options doesn’t mean you need to use all of them, mom.
  • Just because “that’s what other people do” doesn’t make it right, mom.

  • LOL means laugh out loud, not lots of love, mom.

  • I’ll help you, but you should seriously consider learning how to do this all by yourself, mom.

  • First go to…oh, forget it, I’ll do it for you, mom.

  • Don’t push me, I brought your Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy accounts onto the web, and I can delete them anytime I want to, mom. 
  • I know this seems harsh right now, but you’ll appreciate it one day, mom.

Your Daughter/Technology Associate



2 Responses to ““Helpful” Hints and Tips for Technology Impaired Moms:”

  1. vixytwix January 6, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    Very funny post. It goes a little bit like that in my home too, until dinner time that is.

    • amywombwell January 6, 2012 at 8:28 am #

      Yes, since I started blogging–this week–about crafts and cooking she is enjoying the food. She enjoys giving me a hard time even more, but I could not have done this without hours of help from her.

      Sarah is no less sarcastic in real life, but she smiles and laughs while she skewers me. I am going to miss her when she goes away to college next year.

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