Placemat clutch

4 Jan

This is really great. I will have to try it !

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thanks for any help.

Lee sew junkie

I’m lazy. I’m bad with numbers and somehow my straight lines are never that. Disastrous for a crafter you might think, but I manage to surprise myself, if not other people 🙂

So, I needed placemats since I get annoyed at having to clean my beautiful hardwood dining table after every meal. Being the cheapskate I am, I headed down to the 7dirham heavan that is Daiso and found what I wanted. But when I got home, I found it too pretty to use and kept it in the drawer. And then I found this video and the proverbial light bulb came on and I got to work. All I needed to do was sew two rectangular pieces of fabric together to form the lining and then sewed the placemat on top of that. Sewed in a scrap of lace for the button and voila!

Bear with me as my…

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